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The medical marijuana Instruction Kit published by Easy Access Canada (see instruction kit here) is one of the best resources when it comes to finding a marijuana friendly doctor. They've been researching and collecting data on pot doctors in Canada since 2001. It's $150 but it takes the nightmare out of getting a marijuana license.

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The most difficult aspect of getting your mmar card is finding a marijuana doctor who is willing to sign your B1 or B2 Form. There are approx. 5000 patients in Canada who are eligible to receive medical cannabis with less than 2000 doctors who are willing to prescribe it!  Who wants to pay 400-500 for something that you are legally entitled to?
If you want to forego the Instruction Kit and try to get your doctor to sign the forms for you on your own, here are some things you may want to keep in mind:
#1 Educate yourself.  Read online article's or visit Health Canada's website for some great information.  Bottom line is don't think this is going to be easy, you have to think about this as being a goal you NEED to accomplish.

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#2 Make sure your medical records show the history and diagnosis or pain you are citing on your Health Canada forms. You can't walk into your first doctors appointment and expect to receive medical marijuana if you have no previous condition.  Make a list of other medications you have tried that don't work for you.
#3 Consider bringing up the 'release form for medical practitioner's' to see if they want to sign it. This is a release form clearing your doctor of all liabilities of you using medical marijuana.

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On a side note, I would like to discuss my opinion on medical marijuana and finding a marijuana doctor. If you really sit back and think about it, what is soo bad about marijuana?  Don't you think drinking is worse? You cannot ignore the statistics.  Someone who smokes, or better yet, ingests marijuana is not going to do any harm to anyone.  

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The only thing they are going to want to so is sit in front of a television, watch a great show or movie and eat some junk food.  They are not going to become aggressive, sloppy and sometimes vulgar. Most people who consume alcohol tend to be those things I describe.  I am not saying its bad, what I am saying is being 'high' from marijuana as way less destructive than being 'high' on alcohol, in my opinion.

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If all of this fails with your regular doctor, then you need to start over again and keep trying until you find a friendly marijuana doctor. If you are completely unsuccessful with any in person doctor, the only option left is getting a marijuana doctor to sign your papers via Skype, for a fee of course. 

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Thank you for visiting our website and good luck finding a marijuana doctor.